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On June 4, 2013

A general overview on Exercise with Vibration

Exercise vibrating machines are rapidly gaining popularity among people of all classes ranging from the simple low class people to professionals and highly esteemed models worldwide. The main reason attributed to this is the quick rate at which it gives results of made the body into the desired shape. It is now receiving back up from trained fitness experts, doctors and other therapists like physiotherapist by being able to deliver in their job.

The whole body vibration exercise is very unique, they testimonies of the people doing it have been very positive. Clients actually enjoy themselves in the process and are encouraged by the results that do not take long to manifest.  The process does not take a long time, an average of about 10 minutes the only time needed in a day to spend on the vibrating plate. This is why they are the preferred choice to many in efficiency.

Exercise vibrating machines is not just a superficial workout exercise to the body. Extensive research has proved that it plays a very important role in increasing the bone mass and thus making the body stronger.  In terms of the fat that it breaks down, studies say that up to four times fat is broken down through these work outs compared to traditional methods such as physical exercises. This is what brings and maintains the good shape in clients over a short duration of time.

Vibraslim Company in the United States are the most known manufactures of the best exercise machines. The company has received very high rating from customers whose are satisfied with the product. Their process is generally the best and fair in proportion to the type and designed one needs.

The mechanism of action of these machines is that they are designed to have a plate that one is able to sit, stand or sleep. The plate then vibrates once the machine is on sending the vibration energy to the whole body that then distributes this energy from the point of contact to the entire body. This single cycle cause each muscle fiber in the body to contract and relax rapidly estimated to be up to thirty times in one second. This very rapid contraction of muscles helps increase the mineral content in bone. This has given these machines a new important role in the management of muscle and bone conditions as well as joints disorders. Doctors have recommended it in the management of arthritis and diseases involving muscles such as fibromyalgia.

The other effects that the rapid contraction stimulates in the body include an increase in production and release of human growth hormone which. This hormone is responsible for the growth of muscle tone that creates good shape of the body. The hormone is produced internally within the body unlike the artificial growth hormones that could make the body increase disproportionally with many other side effects. The vibration also increases the rate of body metabolism that breaks down a lot of fat. This is what gives this program an important role in weight loss exercises and fitness programs. In addition to all these the flexibility in the body is highly improved making the person fit to carry out daily activities with less fatigue.

The materials that are used in making the vibrating exercise machine include heavy steel and other electronic components that are very durable. This makes the asset durable once purchased once. The set of equipments needed for physical exercises is bulky and has many accessory components that must be in place to function. On the contrary an exercise machine is a single set that is easy to purchase and requires less space for accommodation.

The operation of the machine is very silent, no noise pollution occurs in the process making it environmental friendly. The use of this machine is not complicated; the user does not have to employ specialized tutors to be able to effectively use it if they can follow the instructions well.

However these manufacturing companies provide clients with well trained staff to ensure that the customers are instructed on how to use the equipments. They offer free after sale services to address any to address concerns about the exercise program. Finally there is enough warranty on these facilities which gives confidence to customers.

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