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On April 30, 2016

A Healthier You with Vibration Exercise

Want to lose weight, improve your flexibility and experience quite a few other positive health boosts? Vibration Exercise was once an exercise routine professional athletes, celebrities and those with a lot of extra money on hand could afford to do. Well not any longer! Now you too can buy vibration exercise machine at an affordable cost and receive the excellent benefits the exercise provides.

So what is vibration exercise? It’s a wholebody vibration that you can do standing, sitting or even laying down! The vibration exercise machine platform oscillates between thirty and sixty times per second. This means it is transmitting energy into your body and forcing your muscles to contract and then relax dozens of times each second. This type of exercise can be used for relaxation, body strengthening and/or flexibility training.

The original purpose for the vibration exercise machine was to increase bone density and muscle strength. The wholebody vibration does this and so much more! It has been to proven to also provide several other health benefits including:

• Increase muscle tone while improving muscle appearance, definition and shape
• Increase metabolism for faster fat burning
• Build muscle mass faster than weight training alone
• Decrease the effects of Osteoporosis
• Improve flexibility
• Allow for better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
• Reduce inflammation for smoother joint movement
• Diminish the appearance of cellulite
• Decrease the stress hormone cortisol
• Improve balance – especially in older adults
• Relieve body pain (particularly in the back)

All you have to do is use the wholebody vibration machine for just 15 minutes a day, three days a week, and you could not only lose weight but also see these results and benefits. (Please keep in mind that if you are pregnant or have any known health problem(s), speak with your doctor before using the vibration exercise machine.)

So, now that you know more about this exciting exercise possiblity, the question becomes: Where you can buy vibration exercise machine?

VibraSlim is a manufacture and maker of these special machines. They have been featured on several media outlets, just a few of those outlets being the “Mike and Juliet Show” (in New York), the cover of Health Magazine and “The Tyra Banks Show”. VibraSlim machines are AVFTA (American Vibration Fitness Trainers Association) Certified and ranked number one in customer satisfaction. As the manufacturer, VibraSlim is able to sell their machines at wholesale prices making them much more affordable for their customers. With their Lifetime Warranty on their motors and a 2 year warranty on the entire product, VibraSlim is determined to make purchasing from them convenient and easy.

Now it’s time to lose weight and gain so much more in healthy benefits! Check out these really cool and beneficial exercise machines!


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