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On June 1, 2012

A Revolutionary New Way to Workout

Workouts and routines have been around for ages. However, Russian astronauts have discovered a revolutionary new way to obtain a full body workout with less stress on joints, ligaments and tendons. This full body vibration workout is so much easier on the body that it is quickly becoming a staple in health spas, universities, sports training centers, rehabilitation clinics and homes. While the whole vibration body workout has been around for decades, it is recently making more of an appearance in North America and is gaining the approval of doctors all across the United States. More and more therapists and doctors are beginning to use the best vibration exercise machine over traditional prescription medication. Trainers and athletes have discovered that they are able to utilize a whole body vibration to rehabilitate ailments and injuries. This allows athletes to enhance their training routines while minimizing stress to their body.

The VibraSlim vibration machine is changing how many therapists, athletes and clients look at their daily routines. VibraSlim has created a machine that is small enough to be used in the convenience of your own home with the professional grade that is commercially rated. This allows users to have gym quality equipment at an affordable price in your home. It is rated to be used for four continuous hours for up to eight solid days with a capacity of 330 pounds. This commercial rating is not important to most people who plan to purchase their equipment at home, but it does provide owners with the guarantee of a machine that has lasting durability.

Not only does this best vibration exercise machine provide owners with workouts that provide less stress on their body, it provides better circulation. Better circulation provides an increase of energy, as well as a stronger desire and motivation to be more physically active. On average, a person can usually complete more than 30 squats in one minute. These squats can cause excessive wear and tear to your joints and ligaments. With the full body vibration you are able to position yourself to complete hundreds of mini-squats in the same amount of time without causing damage to your body.

One of the biggest reasons people are unable to maintain a regular workout routine is the pain the person feels afterwards or the time and motivation. Using a vibration machine allows your body to achieve a full workout in less time. The user is able to select the intensity and level of the vibration so it is perfect for all age groups and fitness levels. This revolutionary new way to work out has been designed to force your muscles to stretch and contrast quickly in small sections. You are able to target different muscle groups for one to two minutes and in less than 15 minutes you are able to achieve a full body workout as opposed to three hours of extensive weight lifting.

Using the best vibration exercise machine is used much like other gym equipment where the user is able to select different positions and levels to meet their needs. The user is able to start on lower settings to get used to the use of the machine. Similar to a treadmill, the user does not need to be on the highest setting to achieve a great workout. You are able to move your body around on the vibration plate to feel which areas of the body are being targeted the most. Changing the intensity of the vibrations is as simple as moving your feet closer together or farther apart on the vibration board. This allows users to create a custom workout designed to meet all of their needs.

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