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On November 22, 2012

VibraSlim – Body Vibration Machine Is Best For Physical And Psychological Health

Body vibration machine VibraSlim not just helps you in toning your muscles but you can easily lose weight and enhance the general health. Doing vibrating workouts for just ten to fifteen minutes regularly tends you to acquire energy along with a lean and healthy look. VibraSlim has been in the market, since 2004 and is effectively helping numerous people world-wide to achieve your health and fitness goal.

VibraSlim is suitable to be used in your home or in gyms. It has a lot of positive features that are given below.


It is made from solid steel and is durable

It is strong and can tolerate users up to 275 pounds

It has a small footprint and is compact with mobile wheels

It perfectly fits in a small space

For operating it easily, there are 3 auto tremor settings with 17 pace settings

The oscillation movement like a see-saw offers the best results

Minimum 1 and maximum 30 Hz that is necessary for fitness and to lose weight

No maintenance is required

Best price in comparison to other vibrating machines – attractive price $ 1699

Trustworthy name for last eight years

Benefits of vibrating workout are:

Offers the advantages of aerobics and anaerobic exercises

Enhances the physical strength, endurance and dexterity

Improves co-ordination and balance

Enhances suppleness, bone density and speeds metabolism

Lessens the ligament stress

Improves the flow of blood thus oxygen reaches the brain and helps to function well

Repair and regenerative hormones gets enhanced

Boosts neurotrophine and serotonin hormones that makes you good

Lessens stress hormone cortisol

Intensifies weight loss

Augments the production of collagen necessary for joint repair

Diminishes cellulite

Constricts the facial muscles

Relieves from tension, stress and chronic pain

Body vibration machine can be used by youngsters or senior citizens to stay in shape and fit. For appearing poised and supple,you should have brawny muscles. Using vibration exercise equipment will help your muscles to deal with vibration speed of 30 to 50 Hz/sec.

Build Muscles

Apparently, vibrating workout sessions can contract your body muscles more rapidly than the usual pull up exercises. VibraSlim is a vibration machine that elevates the blood circulation and naturally tightens the muscles. Appropriate blood circulation inside your body develops the lymphatic flow, improves blood oxygenation, lessens blood pressure, diminishes cellulite substance and boosts your energy level to the summit.

Lose Weight

For many years, you are fighting against your own body and trying to get it trim and healthy with crash diets and the countless hours of lengthy hard exercises. All this goes down the drain because you get weak and tired with the diet and exercise routine. However, VibraSlim vibration exercises has got lots of people in great shape and lost weight effectively. You can forget the long hard exercises that had to be done daily because VibraSlim is a revolutionary equipment that is different and works extremely fast.

You just have to exercise on VibraSlim for 3 to 6 days in a week for ten to fifteen minutes. If you desire to see quick results, you can start out faster. Thus it hastens your weight loss more significantly and effectively by burning 175 calories in ten minutes. You can adjust your exercise pace accordingly on your own.

Helps senior citizens

Vibrating exercise equipment is an effective tool, which should be purchased because as we grow older the hormone levels of our body decreases. In addition our metabolism also slows down and regenerative capacity diminishes. With your own gym in the house can help you to have a vibration workout anytime without any fail. It will help you to prevent any health issues including diabetes, blood pressure, health issues or arthritis.

Best Price and Quality

VibraSlim is built from high-quality materials. The machine is attuned to generate specific vibrations, which are proved to be effective. These vibration levels are perfectly researched and calibrated, otherwise they can turn out to be dangerous and useless. The motor has a lifetime warranty and there is a two year overall warranty. VibraSlim machine comes with a seven day cash-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the performance.

The price of VibraSlim is less because you will buy it straight from the manufacturer and save extensively. No cash is spent on advertisement and no retail stores, so the prices of the body vibration machine is less. Enjoy walkouts at home!


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