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On May 15, 2013

Burn More Calories

Many people are struggling to lose weight. The main concern for many people is the calorie intake and calorie burn. It is very difficult to calculate calorie burn as several variables need to be considered such as weight, age, height, rate of oxygen intake, max/min heart rate, fitness level CO2 emissions, etc. Using these variables, one can only know the aerobic calorie loss and not the anaerobic one.
So how do you burn more calories? A cardio workout or a vibration workout? Studies have shown that you can burn 10 to 12 calories a minute while using whole body vibration exercise machines, and if you calculate a 10 minute workout on the vibration exercise machines, it can yield around 200-500 calorie burn. This is a type of resistance training which burns more of calories and fat. It induces the burning of unhealthy fats and cellulite that have been unconsciously storing the unnecessary elements in your body. Exercising on the body vibration machine, the body is exposed to vibrations; one can perform weight lifting, stretching, Pilates, yoga, physical therapy or simply stand and feel the vibrations.

Whole Body Vibration exercise has become a very popular method of training, and for good reasons, not only do the vibration training work the body muscles in a way that the normal training cannot, but also using vibration exercise machines has many proven therapeutic benefits too.

All the dynamic and static movements are done using a platform. Whenever one is on the machine, the body tissue reacts to the stimulus that is generated by the vibrations. The effects of working on the machine depend on the position one has taken and part of the body he is targeting to slim down. When you are working on the machine, the body muscles are working over 90%. More oxygen and glucose are burned and this pushes the heart to pump harder as it gets more oxygen to the body muscles. This helps in increasing muscle strength and accelerating weight loss as more fuel is being burnt.
Normally, any type of training on the vibration exercise machines falls into three different categories; the type of platform, the body posture and the direction of vibrations. Incorporating the use of this machine into your regular health and fitness plan will help in accelerating your weight loss efforts. It has health benefits for both athletes and non-athletes. Together with this, a person will have tighter muscles, a faster metabolism, circulation, improved flexibility, and a more attractive body.

As many companies and retail shops appear on the market every day, most giving conflicting information, it is very difficult for consumers to know what is best for them. The first thing you should know before purchasing vibration exercise machines is that there are 2 types of vibration machines available, vertical and pivotal. A vertical vibration plate or machine vibrates straight up and down in a jack hammer like action while a pivotal vibration plate normally vibrates from a center axis in a see-saw like manner.

Both the machines have proven benefits, and there is very little, if any, evidence to show that one method is better than the other. However, as a buyer you will find dealers will tell you one method is better than the other, in such situation, it is advisable to ask for evidence and avoid taking just their word for it. Some people prefer pivotal vibration, because with vertical vibration they feel there is too much unwanted vibration in their head, however others that prefer vertical vibration. It is best to try both methods first and see what works best for you. The pivotal platforms are sometimes referred to as oscillating platforms, while vertical platforms are sometimes referred to as lineal platforms in Whole Body Vibration.

One can perform general exercises on the vibration machine models as in this way one would be able to evaluate the compatibility of the machine with his body. In addition, a model should be large enough to support the exercise requirements without any threat of falling off in case one loses his or her balance. And it is advisable to check out the specifications provided with the machine model also.

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