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Category: Vibration Exercise Machine Information

On April 15, 2013

Fitness For The Rest of Us – A Daily Routine

Neuromuscular training can be offered by exercise machine vibrating to improve power, balance and muscular strength. There is a platform on the vibrating machine for sitting and standing. You can control the speed level and length of time according to your fitness level and your particular needs. The vibration speed level increases with higher frequency
On April 5, 2013

Important aspects to learn about vibration weight loss

For a while now, people have tried many ways of loosing body weight like through strict diet and other means that are difficult to do. The technique employing vibration machines to cause to weight loss might just be the correct answer to this problem. There are four things I have discovered through experience in the
On March 1, 2013

Things to Look For When Buying Exercise and Fitness Equipment

These days buying a Vibration Exercise Equipment has become very common among lots of people around the world. They use such equipments to lose weight, build muscle and to get that perfect look for themselves. The VibraSlim vibration exercise machine is one such equipment. Some people are still not aware of this equipment because it
On February 25, 2013

Fast Results When Training With The VibraSlim

Vibration exercise machines offer neuromuscular training to improve the strength of the muscle, balance and power. There is a platform on the vibration machine for sitting and standing. The person using the machine controls the vibration’s frequency and the length of time he wants to take and this depends on his level of fitness and
On February 15, 2013

Put Aging on Hold with Wholebody Vibration

We all want to live a long life, and a healthy one at that. Everybody knows the benefits of an active lifestyle and that it can slow down the aging process. As age increases, there is a reduction in movement as well as joint flexibility, an increase in body fat as well as a reduction
On February 9, 2013

Benefits using VibraSlim vibration exercise machine

One of the hottest topics at this age has to be the issue of keeping fit and healthy.  One of the most common ways of keeping your body in shape is through exercises.  Getting enough exercise on a daily basis can prove to be a very daunting task. In this regard therefore, the best way
On February 5, 2013

Why you should buy the VibraSlim fitness machine

There are many people who do not like what they see in their body. This means unshapely body, obesity and unshaped muscles. However all is not lost as one can use the fitness vibration exercise machines that will help one in gaining muscles, having a good shape and reducing those extra fats. Fitness vibration exercises
On February 5, 2013

Benefits of using Vibration to get in shape fast

Whole body vibration machine is now the most commonly used equipment for exercising. This is mostly preferred by people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. It has greatly improved their health, weight loss and general fitness. The machine consists of vibration plates that vibrate from your feet all the way to your entire body. In order
On January 21, 2013

Lose Weight with the Vibration Exercise Machine

All of us wish to look good and stay slim and fit at all times and hence want to shed those extra kilos that make us look fat and ugly at times. People adopt lots of ways to get slim such as dieting or going to a gym or going for a walk. Some people
On January 17, 2013

VibraSlim Fitness Vibration Can Be Used By Everybody

Physical conditions such as low stamina, weak muscles, bone strength, reflex and coordination reduction has a great impact on possible falling incidents. However, it is very unfortunate that many people who are suffering from these effects take prescription drugs rather than enroll in a fitness program. Researchers have found that prescribed drugs have direct connection