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Category: Vibration Exercise Machine Information

On January 16, 2013

Vibration Exercise Health Articles

Many people worry about their weight, figure and appearance. They cannot find time out from their daily routine to go to gym, work out for hours and trim their body. Restricted by many reasons the desire of the perfect physique never fades. You can see it in all age groups and in all genders. Having
On January 7, 2013

What makes VibraSlim Wholebody Vibration Machine Superior

Wholebody vibration machine is an exercise platform that has an oscillation of between thirty and sixty times per second. Vibration exercises can be performed while lying, standing or even sitting on the machine. It during the vibrating workout that the body muscles get exposed to forces from all directions. The muscles then have to overcome
On January 7, 2013

Vibration Machine Growing Popular In The Health And Fitness Sector

Vibration training was a part of the fitness sector but its use is now expanding widely. Vibration machine not only helps to loose your body weight and build muscles but is employed in health industry for physical therapy, rehabilitation and other health benefits. Celebrities and athletes make use of VibraSlim machine to stay fit and
On January 2, 2013

VibraSlim – Vibration Machine Shown On the Today Show NBC

Matt Lauer and the other hosts tried out the vibration exercise machine, also known as a wholebody vibration machine, with a weight-loss trainer today. Matt Lauer disclosed he owns one of these fantastic machines and has it in his home. VibraSlim has been the leader and innovator in vibration training for the past 8 years
On November 23, 2012

Whole body vibration and fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that is characterized by general muscle pain and soreness. Fatigue, joint problems, and sleep disturbances are symptoms of fibromyalgia. The exact cause of fibromyalgia is unknown but stress and genetic predisposition seem to play a role. People with chronic muscle soreness, pain, and fatigue have trouble with exercise. It is
On November 22, 2012

Vibration Exercise Machines for effective weight reduction

May people wish to learn how to get rid of extra weight and b able to shape up. This however, can either be simple or challenging depending on how familiar you are with the basics of using the Vibra Slim vibration machine to train. All you are required to do in order to achieve desired
On November 22, 2012

Build muscle with VibraSlim vibration machine

Effortlessly build the body muscle with Vibration slim machine. It enhances shedding of weight from body by vibration exercise machines pioneered by scientific technologies and researches. The program originated from the soviet space decades ago and has gained popularity due to its development. Scientist unveiled that cosmonauts in space experienced lots lost of body muscle
On November 22, 2012

Static Movements Using The Exercise Vibration Machine

While using exercise vibration machine, dynamic as well as static movements may be employed. These include standing, sitting, lying, kneeling or even putting the hands on the platform. Generally, any exercise used in a typical yoga or a gym workout can be done on a vibration machine. For years now, full body vibration exercises have
On November 22, 2012


We know that trying to lose weight is a struggle for many these days especially those over 35 years of age. Many believe that you have to exert so much effort in order to lose a few pounds. As a result many have given up the battle and lost all hope of getting back in
On November 22, 2012

VibraSlim – Body Vibration Machine Is Best For Physical And Psychological Health

Body vibration machine VibraSlim not just helps you in toning your muscles but you can easily lose weight and enhance the general health. Doing vibrating workouts for just ten to fifteen minutes regularly tends you to acquire energy along with a lean and healthy look. VibraSlim has been in the market, since 2004 and is