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On May 22, 2012

Consumer Reports: Choosing a Vibration Exercise Machine

Warm weather is here and millions of individuals are once again hoping to find an easy way to help them get into shape. You can always join a gym or sign up for exercise classes in an effort to shed those extra pounds. Another option that you should consider is using a high quality vibrating machine to tone your body and trim unwanted inches from your glutes, waist and thighs.

The vibrations create dynamic muscle contractions which tone flabby muscles and burn excess calories. The oscillation movements give you the best vibration fitness routine in the shortest amount of time.

Time for Questions
This brings us to some important questions that need to be considered. Which vibrating machine really delivers on those advertised promises? Which vibration fitness offers the best quality and results to users? How does oscillation help you lose weight? How long does it take before you can see a difference in the way that you look?

Most of these answers can be discovered by reading a vibration exercise machine review. According to recent reviews Vibraslim has received high ratings from users. The innovative features and whisper-quiet operation

VibraSlim the Quick Way to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

Vibraslim offers one of the best vibration fitness regimens now available. The workout is fast-paced, simple and fun. It only takes a few minutes of your time to begin building sleek, firm muscles. Research has shown that this vibration weight loss product provides customers with a quick and easy method to ‘shake off’ those unsightly pounds and inches.

The 10 minute vibration workouts are safe and easy. You will begin to notice the positive change in your appearance almost immediately. As few as 3 sessions a week can help you tone and firm your body. If you want to accelerate your body transformation you can use VibraSlim once a day.

High Tech Oscillation Delivers Instant Results

The triangular oscillation motion is a unique feature of the VibraSlim vibrating machine. The frequency and power of these oscillations have been designed to deliver maximum physical results with each and every vibration weight loss session. Before making a decision about a vibration exercise machine review the available facts and be certain that you are choosing the model that will give you the results you want.

Experts and Celebs Impressed with Results

VibraSlim has earned the trust of notable experts in both sports and medical fields. Even top celebrities such as Madonna have incorporated vibration fitness into their personal exercise routines. Popular vocalist Gwen Stefani is another Hollywood celeb who is using vibration weight loss technology as part of an overall fitness regime.

Product Warranty Information
A company that stands behind their product is willing to provide a product warranty to customers. VibraSlim is fully backed with a 2 year warranty and the motor is covered by an additional lifetime warranty.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

There is a 7 day money back guarantee included with the purchase of each VibraSlim machine. If you are not completely satisfied with the vibrating machine you can simply return the product within a week for a full refund of your money.


With high customer ratings and a glowing vibration exercise machine review it appears that VibraSlim is a natural choice for those individuals who want to step up their fitness game. If you want to enjoy the healthy benefits of the best vibration fitness machine then you owe it to yourself to find out more about VibraSlim. Discover why this patented vibration technology can help you get the body you want in just ten minutes a day.

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