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On February 25, 2013

Fast Results When Training With The VibraSlim

Vibration exercise machines offer neuromuscular training to improve the strength of the muscle, balance and power. There is a platform on the vibration machine for sitting and standing. The person using the machine controls the vibration’s frequency and the length of time he wants to take and this depends on his level of fitness and his particular needs. Higher frequency levels increases the vibration’s intensity. You can perform un-weighted strength exercises like squats and push-ups while using the machine.

Muscular Strength

When you perform isometric exercise on the vibration machine you will have an increase in you muscle growth. Any person including seniors can benefit from this machine. Anyone who has knee osteoarthritis can increase his muscle strength by performing exercise positions like dips, lunges and squat for about 90 seconds and as little as three times every week.

Special Requirements

Any person with disability and cannot go for regular strength training, can find solace in whole body vibration exercise. They are able to strengthen their muscles and also receive more exercise benefits with little stress on their joints or cardiovascular system. Any person with multiple sclerosis or suffering from Parkinson’s disease can also use this vibration exercise to increase his strength, flexibility, balance and stability. Even the elderly who normally have various physical health conditions can use the vibration machine for exercise training. Many users of these machines who are in their 90’s have improved their quantity and quality of life by safely using the whole body vibration.


Vibration exercise increases flexibility. Within 90 seconds synovial fluids is normally released into the joints resulting into joint lubrication and this enhances movement. The stiff muscles which results from stiff joints are also relaxed and loosened to move freely. Healing can take place when the is blood circulation and oxygen is pumped into the damaged joints. This is why there are many ways in which body vibrations increases range of motion, flexibility and decreases joint pain. Those people who are suffering from osteoarthritis can greatly benefit from this form of exercise.


Vibration exercise can lead to elevated human growth hormone levels to any person who has suffered from injuries or undergone a surgery. The healing can be enhanced through the elevated levels. Athletic injuries can also be treated through sports massage by using these vibration machines. The entire body vibrations can also make the neuromuscular reduction to be possible in many situations like CP, MS and stroke.

Bone Density

It is a common knowledge that in their post-menopause, the bone density normally decreases in women; however, this should not be the case. Studies have shown that the bone deterioration can be thwarted with whole body vibration training. This can reduce the chance of osteoporosis accruing as a risk of post menopause.

Muscle Recovery

This is another benefit of using a vibration machine. Those who exercise can recover from their intense physical workout when they use this machine afterward to avoid soreness and stiffness the following day. The machine offers a relaxing way of massaging the tired legs after sitting or standing for long by resting your calves right on the moving platform.

Health and Anti-Aging

This exercise increases the drainage of lymphatic and this leads to toxins cleansing from the body. Your blood circulation is increased with rapid contractions of muscle and increases oxygenation to the cells to regenerate and repair.

VibraSlim vibration exercise machine from VibraSlim Vibration fitness is the best and excellent vibration fitness machine with the best price and offers the best quality as compared to other vibration machines in the market. It can help you achieve a perfect body by getting you in shape, lose weight and build muscle faster in a more economical way. It does not produce unnecessary sounds like other vibration machines do, lasts longer and is very safe at home to those people who might be worried about the safety of small children

VibraSlim vibration machine can be seen in medical centers, educational institutions and even hospitals to help in regular fitness program. This vibration exercise machine has been used by Hollywood stars and professional athletes. The celebrities follow the vibration exercise regularly because they only spend few minutes on the machine. Get your VibraSlim vibration machine today and get rid of various health conditions which dominate in human being.

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