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On April 15, 2013

Fitness For The Rest of Us – A Daily Routine

Neuromuscular training can be offered by exercise machine vibrating to improve power, balance and muscular strength. There is a platform on the vibrating machine for sitting and standing. You can control the speed level and length of time according to your fitness level and your particular needs. The vibration speed level increases with higher frequency levels. The un-weighted exercises like squats and push-ups can be done while using the machine.

Muscular Strength
You can increase your muscle growth when you performing isometric exercises on these vibration machine. Every person, including seniors can greatly benefit from this. People with knee osteoarthritis, can increase their muscle strength by doing exercise positions like dips, lunges and squats for around 90 seconds as little as three times per week.

Special Requirements
For people with different disabilities who cannot undergo regular and normal strength training exercise, the exercise machine vibrating can offer them a great deal. One can strengthen his or her muscles, as well as receive other exercise benefits, with little impact on his or her joints or stress on the cardiovascular system. Those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease or have multiple sclerosis can also take advantage of the machine to increase stability and strength, flexibility and balance. Even the elderly can benefit from these vibration exercise training.

Vibration exercise increases your flexibility. Synovial fluid is normally released into the joints within ninety seconds, leading in lubrication which enhances movement. Also, stiff muscles resulting from stiff joints are normally loosened up and relaxed to move more freely. As this circulation pumps oxygenation into the impaired joints, healing can take place. This is why there are many ways in which body vibration increases range of motion, flexibility and decreases joint pains. People with osteoarthritis can greatly benefit.

Bone Density
Bone density normally decreases in post-menopausal women, but this should not be the case. Studies show that with vibrating exercise machines, this deterioration can be thwarted. It reduces the chances of the occurrence of osteoporosis as a risk during post menopause.

Muscle recovery is another great benefit of whole body vibration machines. Those exercising can recover from an intense physical exercise by using the vibrating machine afterward, to prevent soreness and stiffness the following day. A relaxing way to massage your tired leg muscles after a very long period of sitting or standing is to lay on the floor and rest your calves right on the rapidly vibrating platform.

Health and Anti-Aging
Vibration exercise usually increases the lymphatic drainage, which normally results in cleansing the toxins from the human body. The blood circulation is increased with the fast muscle contractions, and this increases oxygenation to all the body cells to repair and regenerate. Oxygenation plays an important role in the prevention of disease and aging.

Vibration Exercise results in elevated human growth hormone levels. Any person who has suffered from an injury or undergone a surgery, healing is enhanced through the elevated levels. Athletic injuries can also be treated with sports massage by using these vibration machines.

The results for the vibration exercise machine are unbelievable; the machine has hit the market hard and many people who have used it for training have a lot of good things to say about it. The machine packs a punch when it comes to staying in shape or getting into shape. It is one thing to get in shape and it is another to lose pounds. When the body is toned down, weight loss will follow if needed.

As with everything in life there is a proper order of progression and this is also true with getting into shape; a person cannot expect it overnight but should have the will power to work at it gradually and that is what the exercise vibration machine is designed to do. It is not like the old fashioned weight loss machines where one has to exercise for many hours a day to see only a few pound results in weeks. This wonderful machine works deep within your muscles and works outwards with a vibration method, shaping and toning your body.

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