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On May 17, 2012

Get the best vibration exercise machines – for the best price from Vibraslim.

Whole-body vibration machines and best vibration fitness plates

No One Beats the Original VibraSlim Quality, Don’t Be Fooled by Cheap Copies
Shake off the pounds with VibraSlim vibration fitness equipment. It is used worldwide and trusted by professional sports teams, fitness centers and healthcare practitioners. It is considered the best vibration exercise machine in North America to get in shape.

How Does It Work?

Muscles react to the G-forces from the vibration by fighting back. This involuntary reflex replicates regular exercise. Since whole body vibration (WBV) causes the muscles to make rapid small movements, a fantastic workout can be obtained in as little as ten minutes. This is because the muscle fibers contract and relax as much as thirty times a second.

Fitness vibration plate technology produces intense and adjustable vibrations. As the body’s muscle fibers contract, the body adapts to the stimuli and stress. The process encourages a neurological adaptation between the muscle fibers and the nervous system.

Thirty years of research has proven there have been positive results from vibration exercise. When muscles are vibrated they react by increasing levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This hormone builds muscles and burns fat.

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Using the best vibration exercise machine yields many benefits. When the fitness vibration plate stimulates the body from the feet up, the whole body reacts. Benefits include improved muscle strength, bone density and fat burning.

Muscle strength can be increased by as much as 50-percent in as little as three weeks. Muscles will recover faster from injuries and fatigue less.

Bones benefit from whole body vibration by becoming stronger. Bone tissue is stimulated by the pulsations leading to new bone production. The growth hormone and testosterone are increased which are necessary for strong bones.

Vibration burns fat and tightens and tones skin. There is increased blood circulation and improved lymphatic drainage. Fat is reduced from the increased circulation.

Mood is improved and stress reduced because there is a drop in the stress hormone cortisol. Blood pressure is also improved. This can be accomplished by using vibration for only ten minutes a day and anywhere from 3 to 7 times a week.

Best Quality Vibration Fitness Equipment

VibraSlim vibration exercise machines use a triangular oscillating vibration motion that is safer than other methods of vibration. Frequencies not higher than 30 Hz and G forces not above 3.5 Gs keep the workout within a safe and effective range. Senior and athletes both benefit from a fitness vibration plate.

All the equipment comes with a money back guarantee, lifetime motor warranty and a two year overall warranty. High quality electronics, motors and steel are used to make the equipment reliable. In fact, the reliability record has been over 98-perecent.

Who Uses Vibration Technology?

Vibration technology is used by a wide variety of people and organizations. This proven technology is used by celebrities, athletes, universities, sports teams and health and fitness clubs. It is also popular for use in the home due to its affordability.

VibraSlim has the best vibration exercise machine on the market. It is effective, safe and affordable. With the small time investment and the money back guarantee, there no reason not to try a vibration system.

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