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History of Vibration Exercise

NASA used vibration exercise machines

The History of Vibration Exercise

VibraSlim is the result of decades of scientific research. The Russian Space Program pioneered the mechanics behind using a vibration trainer. Scientist in Russia discovered that astronauts could spend longer amount of time in space by using a vibration exercise machine to increase bone density and strengthen muscles. By using this equipment, they were able to set a record of 420 days in outer space. American astronauts had to return back to Earth after only 120 days because of bone and muscle loss. It wasn’t until years later that other countries made the discovery of the benefits of a vibration trainer.

All it takes is 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week on a vibrating machine and the benefits are tremendous. Studies conducted over the past few years have shown that by using a vibration trainer, muscle strength and performance will improve. You’ll improve flexibility and range of motion all while enhancing critical blood flow throughout the body. When you use VibraSlim, bone density increases and cortisol levels decrease. The appearance of cellulite will virtually disappear; all while increasing the levels of hormones like serotonin (that makes you happy) and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and testosterone that are needed in the regeneration and repair process.

Athletes and trainers all over the world discovered that by using a vibration trainer they were able to rehabilitate injuries and ailments. They were able to enhance their training results while reducing pain. Conventional methods of exercise can cause stress to joints, ligaments and tendons but by using a vibration exercise machine, you’ll actually be improving them! Professional sports teams, universities and medical centers have added vibrating machines to their regular training schedules.

Different muscle groups can be targeted by changing body positioning and posture. VibraSlim is like other traditional gym equipment in that everyone will have their own favorite workout regarding the level they prefer and what positions they like best. After using the vibration exercise machine a couple of times, you’ll find your own routine that you enjoy. VibraSlim will come with a user guide that explains and diagrams 19 different positions so you can find what works best for you. Most users of a vibrating machine adjust their speeds up and down while in different positions. You don’t have to set the vibrating machine at top speed to see results. The most important thing is that you are comfortable.

The VibraSlim is one of the most unique and exciting exercise products on the market today. Its solid steel construction is designed to be durable and quiet enough for you to be able to watch TV while you’re on it. Its compact 24 X 28 size will allow it to fit anywhere. VibraSlim is simple to use with twenty manual and three automatic settings. The VibraSlim is very affordable and comes with a two year warranty. The VibraSlim will quickly be your favorite exercise and an effective one too!

Start looking and feeling better in just minutes a day with no exertion! When you incorporate a vibration exercise machine into your workout, you’ll be toning muscle and losing weight quickly and easily just like the celebrities and athletes do.

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