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On July 3, 2012

How Well Do Whole-Body Vibration Exercise Machines Really Work?

The facts about exercise are simple. In order for muscles to increase in size, they must fight against a force. There is also a simple fact about reducing fat cells, if the body uses more energy than it takes in through food, then fat cells will be used for that needed energy. The VibraSlim vibration training machine accomplishes both of these, more quickly and more efficiently than many other machines.

According to whole body vibration reviews using oscillation technology the VibraSlim vibration training machine vibrates the body from the feet up at a rate of 10 to fifty Hertz. That means that the muscles of the body are fighting back, trying to stop that movement and they are doing this thirty to fifty times every second. If a person could imagine doing not six, or 10, but thirty set up every second, then they might have some idea of this amazing technology.

While strength training exercises are great, they strain the muscles groups a great deal, and then stop. This is repeated over and over, taking weeks and months to accomplish a person’s goals. The VibraSlim vibration machine shortens the movement to less than an inch and then quickly forces the muscles to compensate by moving in the opposite direction. A normal, 10 minute set with free weights is usually 10 to thirty repetitions. That process generally takes about 20 minutes, with a short rest between sets. The same number of oscillations happens every second with the best in vibration machines.

During normal exercise, a few things happen. The muscles tense up and start to tear, which is the burning that is felt. The heart and lungs start to increase their rates to provide more oxygen to the muscles. as stated in whole body vibration reviews, when using a vibration machine, like the VibraSlim, a few more things are happening. The increased motion is causing the blood vessels to strengthen and give greater blood flow both during and after a session.

The metabolism is increasing due to a greater need for energy and a better flow of blood throughout the body. The VibraSlim vibration machine is altering the entire body is a good way in a short time every day. All of the endocrine systems, such as the lymphatic system are increasing in both output and efficiency. It is a scientific fact that a body in motion tends to stay in motion, while a body at rest tends to stay at rest.

While many exercises cause damage to the knee and ankle joints, the VibraSlim vibration machine does just the opposite. Increased, yet gentle movement cause the joints to open up slightly and allow more of the body’s natural lubricants to work into each joint. Every exercise is going to increase blood flow and lower blood pressure, but no where near the way that a vibration exercise machine can do, and without the damage that many exercises cause.

A persons mood and feelings are controlled by various endorphins. Two of the most important are serotonin and neutrophine levels. Serotonin is a natural relaxing endorphin that is released during many situations, one of which is being in love. Using a vibration exercise machine, such as the VibraSlim, increases these levels through everyday use. This gives a person a better overall mood throughout the day.

Anyone that wants to lose weight, increase muscle mass, improve mood and overall health will find that the VibraSlim vibration exercise machine is the way to go. In just 10 minutes per day, without the physical stress of normal exercise, a person can accomplish all of this and more. The best part of all is that this can be done for less than half of the cost of other machines just like the VibraSlim.

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