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On April 5, 2013

Important aspects to learn about vibration weight loss

For a while now, people have tried many ways of loosing body weight like through strict diet and other means that are difficult to do. The technique employing vibration machines to cause to weight loss might just be the correct answer to this problem. There are four things I have discovered through experience in the fitness industry that everyone must understand if they are to derive any useful benefits from this program.

My driving force was the contradictory findings from many studies that researchers do. Some discredit the advantages of physical exercise as being minimal and unnecessary while others sharply object this opinion and maintain that it has real benefits in making the body strong as well as in loosing weight. This vibration technology has proven effective when used properly.

When I began running a weight losing program, the technology was not in mind. My main objective was to use different sport activities as physical exercises in cutting down weight. Soon I realized there was a group of clients not able to do the desired level of exercise to achieve the good results of their labor. These were people with medical conditions that did not allow them movement like arthritis from joint pain and fibromyalgia. The other small group was those of lazy people not ready to get exhausted with exercise

Considering these factors, it came to mind that embracing vibration systems might be beneficial.  A trial into the system turned out to be a better option because these groups of people could now respond to my exercise classes. They slowly began to gain some muscle tones, interest in frequent practices and to enjoy exercises. With time they become very active in participating in the exercises and for those immobilized in medical cases, they were relieved from most symptoms.

Effects of the Vibration exercise to the body metabolismResearch and scientific evidence support the opinion that the less weight you have, then the lower the rate at which your body will carry out metabolism. And the less the metabolism that your body carries out then the less the demand it will have toward food intake. When one looses weight especially from exhaustive exercises, the body metabolism therefore raises. It follows that the food intake demand will also rise. Because of the hunger the person will take an equal number of calories therefore balancing the lost calories.

The point in vibration is to slow the body metabolism or maintain it normal as the vibration occurs so that ant weight lost from muscles vibration activity is substituted internally ant therefore decreasing the weight and not from outside the body. It therefore requires close monitoring of the metabolic rate.

When the calories being lost are substituted by food then a plateau occurs. At this level no significant losses will occur and the exercise are of no value. This is the reason most people trying exercise get frustrated because they do not get any results by not monitoring the rate of metabolism. The vibrator effect overcomes this by maintaining the person calm which in effect controls his rate of metabolism. Combining vibratory weight loss techniques with good dietary meals helps in giving better results and at a faster rate.

Lack of understanding of this concept has made some patients get adequate weight loss effects while other not being able to get any benefits. Some people have been shown to respond better to specific plans of losing weight but not to other plans. It needs a lot of time and patience for one to discover which the best option for them is.

From statistics, using the vibration exercise could only work in about two patients out of ten patients who are using it together. Lifestyle adjustments have been proved to increase the chances of the procedure being successful. Some patients have lost as many as 20 pounds because of being patient and devoted to this plan.

For the few people who this system does not work in their favor, the problem could be that the kinds of foods that we eat are wrong. Considering changing in the diets and lifestyle increases efficiency by a big margin. Probably also we may be having a lot of high expectations on the system. The system may require some time before results can be seen well. Not giving up is key if one is to be successful in this.

Effects of exercises prevent weight regain this is probably a contrast to the expected finding but from experience there are several people who are not progressing because of the intensity of exercise they conduct. Intense exercises such as staying in the gym for long hours or running long distances at one time only raises the metabolic rate.

Over the years, I have now managed to modify my eating behavior and the times that I do exercise to be able to obtain the maximal benefits. Once you have successfully lost weight and the trouble is to maintain it, the use of the vibrating weight loss program is very effective.

As a summary therefore the use of vibration exercise should not simply be taken as a dull event that the patient goes to lie or sleep on a machine and then the losing weight comes automatically. There need to be a lot of systems in place to monitor how well you are able to control your metabolic rate, to ensure the timings that you take your meals is not targeted to replenish lost calories and finally an instructor to ensure consistency in attendance to the plan. Over my 10 years in training clients on how to best benefit from this system, I have personally come to understand that the vibrating machine is very efficient and majority of people can derive successful benefits if they take time to understand it.

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