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On May 18, 2012

Information on Vibration Fitness

Review Vibrating Fitness Machines

A 12 week study by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, recently an article in the American College of Sports Medicine, concluded that just 10 minutes of vibration training produced similar strength increases as one hour of regular resistance training. Some pretty spectacular results, right? Haven’t heard of whole body vibration (WBV) using a vibration fitness machine? As the name suggests, this type of exercise is total, full-body vibration.

Before the importance and benefit of vibration training can be fully understood, you need to have a basic understanding of the muscle system. The human body has 3 types of muscles:

1. Skeletal muscle – these are voluntary muscles that are controlled by your mind. Per body mass, an average male body has about 42% skeletal muscle, while females have about 36%. Most standard exercises, such as weight lifting, only stimulate and work skeletal muscles.

2. Smooth muscle – these are involuntary muscles found within the body’s internal organs, intestines, bronchi, blood vessels, bladder, stomach, and other internal structures. These, unlike their skeletal counterparts, aren’t controlled by the conscious mind. In other words, you think about moving your arm, and the skeletal muscles within your arm activate to move your arm, but you don’t think about the smooth muscle in your intestines, for example, that work to propel the food you consume along your intestinal tract.

3. Cardiac – this is also involuntary muscle tissue, but it’s only found in the heart.

What Does WBV Do?

As mentioned above, traditional exercise primarily works the skeletal muscles; only around 50% of the muscles in the body are stimulated with traditional exercise. When whole body vibration is used, at least 96% of the muscles in the human body are stimulated. When you have urinary incontinence due to weakening bladder muscles or constipation due to colonic inertia or some other problem with the stomach or intestinal muscles, then you can’t just tell your stomach, bladder, and intestinal muscles to flex, move, and get to work. And, you can’t depend on traditional exercise to get them in shape either. So what’s the answer to get these muscles working right and fit? Ten minutes on a vibration fitness machine can stimulate all these small muscles that are otherwise left unreached by your subconscious control and untouched by traditional exercise.

Vibration As Therapy

Aside from fitness, whole body vibration is also an increasingly popular form of therapy, including within the physical therapy, sports therapy, medical therapy, wellness, and rehabilitation realms. Vibration-weight loss is also an increasingly popular addition to dieting and traditional exercise. Countless research projects have described the positive results of whole body vibration concerning the following areas:

• Vibration weight-loss
• Improved cellulite
• Improved bone density
• Improved secretion of exercise-hormones
• Improved lymphatic movement
• Decrease response of stress-hormones
• Improved back, neck, joint, and peripheral neuropathy pain.
• Improved muscle tone
• Improved muscle strength

Is Vibration Okay For The Elderly?

As far as strength goes, this is an especially important fitness tool for elderly persons that find it difficult just to get around, much less do the movements that traditional exercise usually requires. Studies have shown that three weeks using a vibration weight machine can improve strength by up to 50% in this age group. The effects of a vibration fitness machine disprove the idea that an elderly person, getting weaker by the day from forced inactivity, doesn’t have a choice but to remain weak, dependent on others, and ultimately give up on a productive life. With stronger bones and muscles and less pain thanks to the effects of vibration exercise, nursing homes, assisted living, and other costly elder care can be postponed. Vibration weight-loss is also an excellent means to shed some of those unwanted pounds that collect as we get older and tend to sit around more often by either necessity or choice.

What Are People Saying About Whole Body Vibration?

VibraSlim customer, Jane, says:

“Hello! I’ve had my VibraSlim machine for six weeks now. It has exceeded my expectations to such a degree that I felt obligated to make a testimonial. I heard about VibraSlim and immediately dismissed it as just another one of those overrated, overpriced fitness fads that promised the world, but delivered something more akin to a small township. Been there, done that, and didn’t want to waste any more money.

A friend, knowing of my neuropathy and cardiovascular problems, encouraged me to at least learn about what VibraSlim really was and did before dismissing it completely. So I did some Googling and ultimately decided to take the leap of faith in buying it.

This is one of the best leaps I’ve taken in my life. My serotonin levels are higher than they’ve ever been. I have more energy than I thought was ever possible. I look better, move better, and feel better all around. It’s been eight years since I was brave enough to take the 14 flights of stairs to my office, literally being afraid someone would have to call the paramedics to perform an embarrassing rescue. After three weeks using what I can honestly call is the Best Vibration Exercise Machine, I was standing at the elevator waiting, waiting, and waiting when I decided to give those feared stairs a go. My flexible, pain-free legs climbed all 14 flights like I had been doing it all along. Amazing!

I’m still thanking my friend for encouraging me to buy my VibraSlim, and I feel that this is a favor that simply must be passed forward. Friends, family members, and strangers alike, I recommend the VibraSlim machine as a good, proven investment that not only does what it claims, but surpasses those claims.

As for me, I realize that my vibration-weight loss still has a way to go; I need to drop a good 20 more pounds to reach my target weight. The good news is that, thanks to my wonderful vibration machine, I now have the energy and improved circulation in my legs to supplement my vibration with a brisk daily walk and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Thank you for changing my life on vibration at a time,


VibraSlim customer, David Rowell, says:


My name is David Rowell. I’m a 45-year-old single man from California. I’m just over 5’10” and weight 200 lbs. Before purchasing VibraSlim, I felt weak, tired, listless, and completely out of shape. It began to cause problems at work and seriously put a damper on my social life. I wasn’t always this way. I wrestled at the college level and routinely lifted weights for muscle mass. Next thing I knew…. I was a middle aged man with a serious gut and mounding health ailments. I found VibraSlim online. I dropped 12 pounds in just one and one-half months of using my VibraSlim machine four times a week. I have put on more muscle using this machine 10 minutes a day, four days a week than I did when I was working out like a mad man every day in college. Plus, my vibration machine doesn’t hurt my joints like weight lifting did.

I’m not the type of guy that generally writes testimonials for anything, no matter how wonderful it proves. It took my doctor telling me that my high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle was a deadly combination to make me want to seek out the best vibration machine to get me on the track of becoming a “healthy me” again. I realize that not everyone has access to a doctor, the courage to go and hear the truth about themselves, or a doctor that will be straightforward as mine. I also realize that there are many others like me that don’t have the time or physical ability to hit the gym every day for hours at a time to improve their health. This is why I’m here today sharing my story and testifying to the impressive vibration weight-loss results and improved muscle and tone that I’ve found through VibraSlim.

Yours sincerely,

David Rowell”

Best Vibration Exercise Machine?

Sure, there are probably 100 or more websites selling other oscillating and pivotal vibration machines. They’re generally cheaper, costing anywhere from $300 to $500 dollars. However, what many consumers don’t know is that these various sellers are, in many cases, selling identical machines, but just under a different label. Reality is that there are only around 20 to 30 different vibration machines on the market today. Some of these are better than others, but none can compare to the quality of VibraSlim.

An interview with Ms. Miller summed up the differences between VibraSlim and other oscillating/pivotal machines on the market perfectly. Let’s look at six of the key points where VibraSlim was proved the best vibration exercise machine on the market today:

1. Commercial rating – unlike those cheaper models, VibraSlim is commercially rated and can therefore be legally used in spas, clinics, and gyms around the nation. It’s rated for four hours or less of continuous use for up to 8 hours a day and has a 330 pound weight capacity. While a commercial rating might not be of obvious importance to someone using their machine at home, it does translate into a longer-lasting machine for valuation and durability purposes.

2. Smoother vibrations – those that have used both VibraSlim and other models have found that the vibrations with VibraSlim are smoother and less choppy. There’s also a noticeable difference in comfort and how sturdy the other machines were by comparison.

3. Affordability – among the few other commercially-rated vibration machines, VibraSlim is the most affordable. Other machines can run a buyer upwards of $9,000 dollars.

4. Amplitude – this term refers to the intensity, or how high up and down the displacement is at the very edges. The higher the amplitude of a machine, the more intense the vibration will be felt by the user. Cheaper models provide, at most, 11 millimeter amplitude, which can feel more like a choppy buzzing than actual vibration. VibraSlim gives buyers 15 millimeter amplitude in addition to a better grade, commercially-rated motor. We all know what cheap motors are good for, right? – Nothing!

5. Durability – due to the problems outlined with the cheaper models in numbers one through four, cheaper machines simply don’t last as long as VibraSlim and don’t perform as well. The heavier the user is, the more pull it puts on the weaker motors and the less intense the vibration becomes, meaning the user isn’t getting the rating they should be getting. Eventually, the motor completely burns up and leaves the user paying for something they can’t even use.

6. Versatility – VibraSlim’s Europlate is something that anyone able to stand on their feet can enjoy, no matter how old or young -or- how fit or out of shape they might be today. In the case of those that are already physically fit, the cheaper machines, with their weak motors and weaker amplitudes, wouldn’t even get an adequate workout. Some frail elderly people might get an adequate, albeit uncomfortably choppy, workout from such, but it certainly wouldn’t yield the type of optimal results that a VibraSlim is proven to produce.

Sign up for the free introduction video to listen to the entire interview with Ms. Miller. If nothing else, you now know some pretty enticing benefits of vibration exercise equipment and some thought provoking facts about the importance of choosing the best vibration exercise machine to give you the best results possible.

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