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On November 22, 2012


We know that trying to lose weight is a struggle for many these days especially those over 35 years of age. Many believe that you have to exert so much effort in order to lose a few pounds. As a result many have given up the battle and lost all hope of getting back in shape. If you happen to be in this situation, then this article is just for you. A couple of years ago, Russian astronauts were planning on heading to space. They also realized that being in a zero gravity location will be detrimental and lead to muscle loss. Therefore they invented a vibration machine to simulate exercise in order to tone their muscles without actual movement. This proved effective and as a result one of the most effective vibrating machines of all time was created.

Vibraslim is a high quality fitness equipment in the market. It is made of high end steel and features easy operation controls for the young and old. It comes with sturdy hand rails to ensure safety and a solid base for stability. The base is made of long lasting rubber and adjustable wheels. Quite a portable fitness equipment and due to its size, it can fit almost anywhere. Whatever your weight may be, Vibraslim can handle up to 300 lbs user weight. It also boasts of its long life and will not need any maintenance done on it for years.

This user friendly fitness equipment works in an interesting manner. All you have to do is step on the platform and turn it on. It then starts to vibrate and as a result your muscles will feel the rapid movement. This will cause them to relax and contract at a fast pace. This in turn stretches your tendons and leads to enhanced blood flow and oxygenation. Since the whole body vibrates, you are sure that each muscle will be worked out unlike other machines at the gym that work a few muscles at a time. If you happen to have stiff muscles due to overworking or sitting at the office for hours then this machine is for you. At the end of the session you will feel toned, relaxed and energized.

A vibrating workout is also effective in getting rid of stress. As your muscles vibrate, a certain hormone called cortisol is inhibited and a happy hormone is released. With continual use you will notice that you are not only fit but happier. You can now have a glimpse of why these vibrating machines are now the bestsellers. The main reason Vibraslim stands out from the rest is due to the factors mentioned above and its price too. Due to economic recession, it is not wise to spend on pricey gadgets that you are not sure will work. You need one that has already been proven to bring in great results and meet your price range. Most people who have purchased Vibraslim lose weight in a shorter period of time too. The earlier you see the results the better and that is why Michael Ventrella winner of the biggest looser decided to make Vibraslim his fitness equipment. Many private gyms in Hollywood where celebrities like Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, and P. Diddy frequently visit have purchased Vibraslim and attest to its efficacy. These celebrities are enthusiastic about vibrating machines and this same product is now accessible to you. Exercise simplified, made fun without much effort in order to achieve desired results at an affordable price sums up what Vibraslim is all about. As you search the market for such fitness equipment, you will find many that promise to give you the same results. However none of them is so recommended by celebrities, doctors and top fitness coaches to effectively lose weight.

Vibrating workout machines also help you save time in such a busy world. What you can lose in an hour running on the treadmill or doing weights, is the same achieved in ten minutes with Vibraslim. You can also lose weightstanding, seating or other 25 positions of your choice. Give vibrating workout ago and enjoy all the benefits that it offers. Eventually you will find yourself recommending the same product to friends and family.

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