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On February 15, 2013

Put Aging on Hold with Wholebody Vibration

We all want to live a long life, and a healthy one at that. Everybody knows the benefits of an active lifestyle and that it can slow down the aging process. As age increases, there is a reduction in movement as well as joint flexibility, an increase in body fat as well as a reduction in the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. A time of focused and purposeful activity on the other hand can bring about many health benefits like an increase in energy turnover, lymph drainage, and an increase in breathing which leads to an increase in heart rate. Wholebody vibration allows the muscle system to be stimulated to increase lymphatic drainage, and this leads to helping the immune system to function optimally.

Having less allergies and the ability to fight off the possibility of developing degenerative disorders are just some of the rewards achieved in the battle against ailments and premature aging. One of whole body vibration’s biggest draw cards is that it is a quick and effective workout towards weight loss.

The truth is that there are many companies that sell these fitness machines under false pretenses. Made from unstable plastic, not only do they break from some of the weights they are exposed to, they have not undergone research. Vibraslim’s machines are made from sturdy steel, and they have taken no shortcuts to present people looking for health and fitness with a worthy product that works and is safe and effective.

Increased Muscle Strength

This sought after fitness and health innovation is a neuromuscular training method with a vibration plate device where the body holds specific positions. The muscles are put through a low to moderate vibration stimulus where they work to overcome the vibration. Developed by Soviet scientists to assist with loss of bone density in injured athletes, users simply choose a vibration speed which they set at a frequency and amplitude that will provide them with the right stimulus. By standing on the plate, the body responds to the stimulus with an involuntary reflex muscle contraction. The body and muscles work against gravity in all the lower and upper body movements being performed. Between 10-15 minutes you will have worked your entire body on the vibrating platform instead of just some of the muscle groups.

Celebrities are Rolling Back the Aging Process

The wholebody vibration machine is being used by celebrities as well as top athletes all over the world simply because they have realized the enormous benefits. Not only does it give them strong and taut buttocks, toned thighs and stomachs, these machines provide the right kind of exercise for weight control. This is excellent for health and fitness because our knees and hips bear our body weight, and by simply losing and managing our weight, we can help to reduce the pressure our weight bearing joints have to carry.

A Tried and Tested Means to Health and Fitness

The amazing vibration exercise machine is no hoax, and the fact that it is backed by solid scientific research means that sports people and film stars, who have to watch their fitness and weight, know they can use them with confidence for the best results. Made from high quality steel for durability while still being compact, coming with extensive warranties and still being affordable as well, it is small wonder that so many people are turning to whole body vibration training to achieve fitness and weightloss. The beauty of it is that people actually love using it too and it is perfect for anyone who just cannot get to the gym regularly. It requires little exertion, just three or four times a week, when compared with traditional forms of exercise.

Numerous studies have been done on Vibraslim vibration machines and it has been found that this type of vibration training is just as effective if not better than resistance training because the whole-body vibration training stimulates the body to become more powerful while helping it towards being leaner and more toned.

Because wholebody vibration is a low impact workout, young and old with all kinds of body shapes and weights can change their lack of movement and move to an awesome ‘get active’ solution that comes with scientific backing. Those who are elderly and even those who are obese and who may have trouble doing regular weight-bearing exercises can start investing in their health by using something they can be comfortable with.

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