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On November 22, 2012

Static Movements Using The Exercise Vibration Machine

While using exercise vibration machine, dynamic as well as static movements may be employed. These include standing, sitting, lying, kneeling or even putting the hands on the platform. Generally, any exercise used in a typical yoga or a gym workout can be done on a vibration machine. For years now, full body vibration exercises have been used by professional athletes and Hollywood stars to lose weight, get shape and build muscle. Throughout this article, the recommended vibration exercises, the best vibration machine in the market and their price will be discussed.To achieve the best results from these exercises, the heart rate is used to set the intensity of vibration. Normally, the body starts to burn fat at 65 percent of the maximum pulse rate. For the first few days of the exercise, the pulse rate should be kept between 60 and 70 percent of the maximum. During these first weeks, only three workouts are supposed to be undertaken per week each running for thirty minutes. The following are some of the recommended exercises that can be done on an exercise vibration machine. This exercise is performed by standing on the vibration machine platform while holding on to the handle for support.

The legs are then set apart at a shoulder-width distance, the knees are bend in such a way that the thighs seem to be parallel with the floor. This position should be maintained for thirty to sixty seconds before resuming to the initial posture. This can be repeated a number of times. This vibration exercise improves the endurance of leg muscles, strengthens the lower back, waist and abdominal muscles. To do this exercise, the hands are placed on the vibration machine. The legs are extended behind the body such that the entire body weight is only supported by the arms and the legs. The heels, shoulders and hips should be in a straight line. It is aimed at working the arms, chest, core and shoulders out. While in this push up position, the individual is supposed to bend the arms to lower the chest until it is just about to touch the platform and pushing back to the initial position. To perform this exercise, the left foot is set flat on the platform of the machine and the ball of the right foot is placed on the floor. The right foot is then moved backward in such a way that the body is in a long, staggered stance. The individual can hold on to the handle for support if required. This exercise can develop the strength of the legs and challenge body balance.

The Ab balance is performed by sitting on a mat that is placed on the vibration machine. The individual should then slightly lean back and lift the feet off the ground. The arms can be used for support. The individual should then bend the knees and tense the core muscles for about thirty to sixty seconds. This exercise has been proven effective in conditioning the core and improving body balance. The webbing exercise straps should be attached on to the machine to carry out this exercise. The individual then stands on the platform with the feet held together and the knees bent slightly and holds on to the handles. The individual is then supposed to lean forward away from the hips and push the butt back such that the upper body appears parallel to the floor. While in this position, the arms are bent and the hands pulled into the arm pits. This position is supposed to be held for thirty to sixty seconds.The VibraSlim vibration exercise machine is probably the best full body vibration exercise machine in the market and one of the most used vibration machines by professional athletes and Hollywood stars. Owing to their effectiveness, VibraSlim vibration machines are widely used in places like sports training centers, health clubs, chiropractic offices, homes and rehab centers worldwide. According to media channels like ABC, NBC, The Doctors Show, the Fitness Expert Magazine and Health Magazine, VibraSlim vibration exercise machines are being used by the top names in Hollywood for fitness. Full body vibration exercises are now possible at home because of the comparatively affordable cost of these machines as well as the numerous after sale services.

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