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On March 12, 2012

The Best Vibration Exercise Machine

Vibration exercise machines are the hottest thing in the fitness world these days. These machines use a technique developed by the Russians to train their astronauts in space so that they experience less bone density loss and muscle wasting. The results were astonishing. These days these machines are used to train Olympic athletes and astronauts. Because of their effectiveness a lot of famous celebrities are using vibration exercise machines as well.

So, how does this machine work? Well, the principle is very simple. Any kind of exercise causes our muscles to stretch and contract. These stretching and contraction causes small tears in the muscle. These are later repaired and become even stronger. The machine does the same thing. However, the rate at which it forces our body to stretch and contract is very high. These vibrating machines can stretch and contract our muscles more than a 1000 times while the traditional exercises can go only up to 200 contractions per minute. That is why this machine is so efficient. You only have to spend 10 minutes on this machine everyday to get your desired results. This machine is an excellent way to reduce body fat because vibration and weight loss is closely connected. Recent studies have shown that vibration machines are 4 times more effective in reducing body fat. Moreover, the effects are long lasting than any other exercise methods. That is why vibration machine has been adopted in many weight loss programs throughout the world.

A lot of people are buying this machine for their personal workouts. That is why it is very important to know which the best vibration exercise machine is. There are many brands available in the market such as VibraSlim Europlate, Powerplate, Turbosonic, and Pila-vibe. Currently the Vibraslim Europlate is the number one seller in the market. However, the rest aren’t bad either. Here are some things you should always remember if you want to buy the best vibration exercise machine.

Buy from a renowned company: This machine is very popular nowadays. So, there are many companies that are trying to gain some profit by selling cheap and poor quality vibration machines. These machines breakdown very easily and repairing them is useless. Most of these machines are made in China. They try to make things as cheap as possible to increase their sales. So, if you spend your money on a China made cheap vibration exercise machine then your money will be totally wasted. You will also find many websites selling the renowned machines at a cheaper price. These companies usually sell refurbished models without any warranty. So, beware of them. If you really want to purchase a good vibration exercise machines then buy from Vibraslim or the other famous brands mentioned before. Make sure that you go to the stores and check the products before buying. You can also read the vibration machine review in the internet before selecting a particular item. If you read the vibration machine review you will learn all about the specification, features and customer reviews. This will help you in selecting the best machine for you.

Warranty and construction: With a machine like this, the warranty is very important. The good brads do not come cheap. So, make sure that your product has a decent warranty period. Another important factor is the materials used for constructing the machine. The vibrating exercise machine has to go through a lot of pressure during the workout session. So, make sure the materials used in them are sturdy. Try to look for one that is made of steal not plastic. All the good ones will come with a 2 year warranty period.

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