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On February 4, 2014

Why VibraSlim has the best vibrating exercise machines for home use

In the world of vibration workout equipment, VibraSlim is the best vibrating exercise machine. They have been been leading vibration fitness since 2004. All of their machines are the result of intense innovation and engineering. Each piece of equipment has been designed by industry experts through rigorous research.

Many people struggle with undesirable weight loss programs that are too demanding and lead to ultimately gaining more weight back in the first place. Vibration fitness provides a practical, realistic alternative. Not only is vibration fitness a less time consuming alternative to traditional weight loss paths, it is also more reliable.

VibraSlim is the result of years of in depth scientific research. Initial vibration exercise research was conducted by Russian scientists who found that astronauts who used the technology did not lose as much bone density and muscle as their American counterparts.

Vibrating exercise machines like VibraSlim only require a 10 to 15 minute workout three times a week. Workouts are done in the home so hassles like fighting with traffic, finding a parking spot at the gym and waiting in line for equipment are gone. Not only do vibration exercise machines save time, they also work muscles faster and more efficiently. VibraSlim also works out small muscles that are often overlooked in traditional workout plans. Vibration technology even increases flexibility and range of motion. Bone density is also higher after using VibraSlim. This leads to better overall fitness.

VibraSlim is the best vibrating exercise machine because it produces visible results. Weight loss is not the only benefit. The oscillating vibrating frequencies produced by the machine increase metabolism and serotonin levels, while decreasing cortisol levels. This leaves one not only healthier, but happier and more energetic. Oscillating vibrating frequencies also raise HGH levels which helps weight loss and toning the body. Testosterone levels are also increased. Increasing the levels of these hormones speeds up the regeneration and repair processes of the body.

Vibration technology has been used by professional athletes, particularly those recovering from an injury. By using VibraSlim, they were able to speed up their recovery time because their training plan was enhanced and shorter than a traditional plan. Also, vibration exercise is not stressful on joints, ligaments and tendons. Instead, it actually is beneficial for these accident prone areas of the body. Because of this, even medical centers have begun to incorporate vibration exercise.

The best selling VibraSlim machine is the Europlate. It is made of high quality steel and electronics. It is compact and equipped with wheels so it is highly suited for small spaces. The Europlate can easily support users of up to 300 lbs.

Equipment comes with a detailed user guide. This guide contains diagrams of 19 different positions so that users can find the position that is best for them. Users can also adjust the speed of the equipment to whatever they are most comfortable with. VibraSlim emphasizes the importance of going at one’s own pace. That is why the machine comes with 20 manual and three automatic settings.

One of the best aspects of vibration exercise machines is the convenience. Instead of running outside and facing the elements or dealing with a gym atmosphere, working out can be accomplished in the comfort of the home. VibraSlim workouts can be conducted while watching television, reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle. VibraSlim is the perfect workout machine for anyone who is ready to lose the weight and keep it off without having to make drastic changes to their lifestyle.

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