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On January 2, 2013

VibraSlim – Vibration Machine Shown On the Today Show NBC

Matt Lauer and the other hosts tried out the vibration exercise machine, also known as a wholebody vibration machine, with a weight-loss trainer today. Matt Lauer disclosed he owns one of these fantastic machines and has it in his home. VibraSlim has been the leader and innovator in vibration training for the past 8 years and continues to produce the highest quality machines on the market. The Today Show also showed other fitness weight-loss tools and diets today to help get people started on their new years resolution to lose weight. Wholebody vibration on the Today Show really is a great thing as most people have never heard of or tried the exciting new technology. the Today show showed how 10 minutes a day on the vibrating machine can not only get you in shape fast but can speed up weight-loss drastically and keep it off. Visit for more info.

Getting rid of excess fat through total body vibration can either be easy or a challenge.  However, all this depends on how knowledgeable you are of the basics of using the VibraSlim vibration machine to get rid of excess fat fast. One common problem/issue/condition that many people are currently struggling with is shedding of excess weight (or simply the urge to shape up). As much as it may have been a daunting task for most people (some of whom may be known to you) consider yourself lucky in case you have been looking for a good way to lose weight easily.

The Vibra Slim vibration machine since its launch and introduction into the market has received lots of praises from various quarters for saving as an ideal option that allows anyone struggling with excess weight issues to get rid of excess weight fast especially when they know which vibration plate to use. In fact, the vibrations machine is not only ideal for getting rid of at but also suitable for use by skilled sports people, therapists, athletes and a must have equipment in weight loss clinics. The fact that there are a variety of brands which are all completely different yet still producing vibrations means that you are free to choose which machine you feel comfortable training with as well as vibration plate.

While choosing a machine it is important to focus on choosing one that will easily allow for you to even be coached by a personal trainer as well as making it easier for you to be able to get rid of excess fat fast. You should also make a point of going over the reviews on total body vibration. This is important as you will find out more about the benefits of using the Vibra Slim vibration machine apart from being able to get rid of weight fast and know which vibration plate to use. For instance, you will benefit from the elevated bone density, increased muscle strength, improved flexibility as well as the reduction pains on joints.

Apart from the above, you will also be able to use the vibration machine to get rid of excess fat fast after a specified period of time yet still manage to maintain body fitness without necessarily having to worry about engaging in conventional exercises.  Do not forget the Vibra Slim vibration machine’s vibration plate provides a perfect alternative to get health and easily maintain your body shape.  Buy simply taking advantage of the vibration exercises you will be able to work out, tone and build muscles (get rid of excess fat fast) at you own convenience.

Bottom line
If you have always been concerned about you weight or general body fitness and have looked for alternatives without luck then its high time you considered trying out the Vibra Slim vibration machine. Not only will you be able to get rid of excess fat quickly you will also be able to enjoy a list of other health benefits besides total body vibration. Take note, medical research findings have already proven that vibration exercises are up to 4 times more effective in allowing you get rid of excess fat fast when compared to other common conventional physical exercises.

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