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On April 28, 2016

Vibrate your way to a healthier you

The Vibraslim Vibration Exercise Machine, allows one to perform exercises such as dips, side thrusts, squats, push-ups, etc. all while experiencing a wholebody vibration the entire time.

Because the vibrations are purposeful and utilized to help build bone density, speed up one’s metabolism, improve circulation and muscle strength, weight loss is easily encouraged through vibration exercise. The Vibraslim is so efficient that a fifteen-minute workout, once a day, derives much better results than traditional, prolonged sessions on treadmills and elliptical trainers.

When one’s metabolism is increased it causes the body to burn calories off at a faster rate. By burning excess fat through the production of collagen, this is also helpful in eliminating cellulite, which results in weight loss without the strenuous rigors of traditional exercise or dieting regimens.

Vibrations also cause the release of the growth hormone in humans that is helpful in “reversing” the aging process and makes skin look younger and healthier. Cellular regeneration of bones and vital organs also aids in the curing of the ailing body.

With an increase of lean muscle mass, the body is able to strengthen muscles, improve the cardiovascular system, and remove toxins from the body via regulated stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters that are responsible for the feelings and emotions tied to well-being and calmness, are increased during exercise. On the other hand, hormones that are detrimental and cause deterioration to the body such as cortisol, are reduce.

Vibraslim has five different programs with seventeen vibration settings, giving varying combinations for optimal results regardless of what you are aiming to achieve. What is good about the best Vibration Exercise Machine, Vibraslim is that it is geared towards older individuals or those who back or joint issues, especially those that cannot complete standard and traditional methods of exercise. Because of Vibraslim’s ten-minute workout, people are able to maintain a steady exercise routine and that is a key factor in producing a successful workout and plan to lose weight, get stronger, or improve overall health.

The results obtained by the Vibraslim Vibration Exercise machine will vary among individuals, toning results are generally seen within three weeks of regular use. Bone density increases take about eight weeks to show any visible signs of change. However, the positive effect of the vibration exercise machine decreases blood pressure, increases circulation and thus, leads to an overall healthier heart.

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