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On July 1, 2012

Vibration Exercise Machine Weight-Loss Success Stories

The use of vibration exercise machine weight-loss in the fitness sector is gaining popularity worldwide. These are machines that vibrate the whole body during training. There are many types and brands available in the market and they all vary in their manufacturing materials, design, specifications and quality. It is therefore important to shop around for the best quality and type to match the intended results.

These machines are used in many areas of fitness including aesthetics, sports, medical and rehabilitation therapies. They work by exposing the entire body to vibrations instead of the traditional local vibrations associated with ordinary exercises. The vibrations are generated by some motors and transmitted to the user of the machine. The effectiveness of these machines is defined by the intensity, magnitude, amplitude and frequency of the vibrations.

The vibrations enable you to train a number of skeletal muscles and in the process other body reactions are triggered. The effects of this kind of training include increased muscle toning and strength, cellulite and fat reduction. It also leads to heightened secretion of hormones and improved bone density. It can also lead to improved balance and improved general health.

This machine is also popular with those who want fast weight-loss. It gets rid of excessive weight by boosting the burning of calories in the body. It burns about 500 calories in about 10 minutes which is a large amount in such a short time. It boosts the metabolism which is crucial to weight-loss and supports lean muscle mass, boosts human growth hormone naturally and lowers stress hormone. The vibrations also boost lymphatic health and improve blood circulation and oxygenation. All these things contribute in some way to fast loss of weight.

This kind of training is enjoyable and one is required to exercise for at least 10 minutes daily. The fact that it is easy does not mean that it is ineffective. Some of the world’s leading sports teams and professional athletes use this kind of training because of its extraordinary results. It is also commonly used by celebrities and ordinary people at home as part of their daily fitness routine.

Those who use these machines derive a lot of benefits. Firstly, you save time and money in the long run as you do not require gym membership or a personal trainer. You can shed off excessive pounds without those unsustainable and drastic diet plans or strenuous exertion. This natural method does not require use of harmful drugs or surgery.

Many people have reported weight-loss success stories after using it for a few weeks. This is because using it for only 10 minutes daily offers similar health benefits as those derived from exercising traditionally for an hour daily. This equipment can be used by the young and the old plus those who are fit or out of shape.

Vibration exercise machine weight-loss is a proven way of shedding off excessive pounds. This kind of fitness regime is backed by science and if used properly one can lose up to 17 pounds in about 10 days. Most suppliers sell them at an affordable price and they offer long warranties as a guarantee of their quality.

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