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On May 18, 2012

Vibration Fitness Machines and the Many Benefits for Those Over 40

After being the choice of elite athletes and sports trainers for years, vibration exercise machines are now being embraced by the general public. Men and women over age 40 are particularly attracted to the fitness technology in hopes of increasing metabolism and losing weight.

Scientific reports have long shown that many people start losing muscle mass after their 40th birthday. Since muscles burn more calories than other tissues, that loss of muscle can result in lowered metabolism, which can generally inhibit weight loss. Middle age people are discovering that using vibration exercise equipment is an easy, low-impact way of regaining muscle and restoring their ability to burn fat.

Minimal Exertion for Maximum Muscle Conditioning

A vibration exercise machine uses power plates that trigger muscle contractions, causing muscles to react a rate of up to 50 responses per second, according to published reports. This conditions the muscles in two ways: by adding tone and increasing flexibility as muscles quickly vacillate between action and relaxation. These two benefits are helpful for older people who might suffer from stiffness, poor muscle tone and limited extension or mobility. An added benefit is that vibration machines also strengthen bones because they simulate strength-bearing activity.

To activate the power plates of a vibration fitness machine, the user simply has to stand or pose on the vibrating platform. For those who want to do actual exercises, the machine supports aerobic and strength-training movements as well and will make any exercise more effective by triggering greater muscle action.
As muscle is increased over time, users will find they are losing body fat, building lean muscle and enjoying a higher metabolic rate. These conditions can lead to weight loss after less than two weeks of regular use of the machine. Since most machines offer whole body vibration, muscles all over the body can be stimulated with just this one machine.

Variety of Vibration Exercise

In addition to maximizing muscle use during a workout, a vibration exercise machine is also coveted because many models are not limited to one type of exercise or action. Many whole body vibration machines allow 200 to 1,000 different exercises or movements to be done on one platform. This makes the investment worthwhile because it promotes variety, which can keep users from getting bored with a static exercise regimen.
Users who plan to simply pose or stand on a machine can opt for a basic model to save money. Those who wish to have a vibration gym can select a more sophistical machines with larger platforms and more options.

Low Risk of Injury
Joint, back and knee pain are concerns for many people over 40, particularly when they undertake a new fitness regimen. Since vibration machines are built in a sturdy fashion and don’t require much movement or impact, people in the over-40 age group are not likely to sustain any injury even if they have been sedentary for more than a decade before trying vibration exercise.

Users Review Vibration Exercise Machine and Praise Fast Results for People Over 40

After experiencing difficulties losing weight with simpler machines, many people over 40 need to see quick results to stay inspired to believe they can achieve benefits through a vibration exercise machine. Fortunately, many studies suggest the four main benefits of better muscle tone, weight loss, increased metabolism and muscle flexibility can be achieved on a vibration machine by working out just 15 minutes a day for five days a week.

Studies can be misleading, however. So, prospective buyers should review vibration exercise machine testimonials by ordinary people. One such review by a 56-year-old woman suggested she saw weight loss and better flexibility by using a whole body vibration machine just 10 minutes a day.

Two male best friends in the their late 40s also opted to review vibration exercise machine benefits, keeping a close eye on how their bodies changed after 30 days of use. They found they had increased muscle tone without having to lift bulky weights. They also found that without dieting they were losing fat due to a surge in metabolism.

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