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On January 7, 2013

Vibration Machine Growing Popular In The Health And Fitness Sector

Vibration training was a part of the fitness sector but its use is now expanding widely. Vibration machine not only helps to loose your body weight and build muscles but is employed in health industry for physical therapy, rehabilitation and other health benefits. Celebrities and athletes make use of VibraSlim machine to stay fit and toned.

Working with Vibration machines

Whole body vibration can be done using a vibrating platform, where dynamic workouts can be performed on the strength and kind of equipment. The tremors are produced by complex machinery under the platform. How much intensity is necessary can be defined by the factors of frequency, magnitude of alteration in the oscillation and direction of the tremors. These aspects will be very effective, if the machine is of high-quality.

Vibraslim makes use of triangular oscillating vibration motion, which is the most effective technique, as recommended by doctors. This fitness vibration machine is scientifically regulated that is designed to oblige the muscles to stretch out and contract swiftly but in small percentage.

Traditionally, you could do only 30 squats in one minute but with vibration machine, you can perform more than 100 squats in the same time. Fitness vibration equipment makes use of your body mass and gravity to generate the preferred force and employs it completely.

You can aim different muscles group for a couple of minutes and in just fifteen minutes, you will have completed, your full body workout. VibraSlim helps to achieve health and fitness by doing vibrating workouts for less than 15 minutes and that too just 3 times a week.

Muscle toning

Men may not get a chance to visit gym regularly but with vibrating workout at home can help to tone their flabby areas. Muscle toning can be done efficiently with the vibration machine in comparison to the traditional weight training programs. By employing constant and consistent tremors to the muscles with definite frequencies can result in a most favorable and accelerated training.

Strengthens the bone

Decrease in one density has affected several people of different age groups. Therefore, it becomes necessary to strengthen the bones from an early age to prevent osteoporosis. Women lose bone density more easily then males. Therefore, females have to take medicines or hormone shots to reinforce their bones. Nonetheless, with vibrating exercise the body gets activated and releases natural hormones that stop the cause of osteoporosis.

Enhances blood circulation

Vibrating exercise increases the blood circulation in your body. Thus oxygenated blood reaches and nourishes the white blood cells. Your immune system gets stronger and the toxins get eliminated from your body. The improved lympathic drainage system enhances the overall health.

Helps the athletes

Athletes love to loosen their muscles, increases suppleness through variety of motions, prior to games and events. This can be attained using VibraSlim vibration machine without facing the risk of strain on the joints and ligaments. In addition, vibration machines are valuable tool that eliminates the increase of lactic acid from the muscles, which usually gathers, after a vigorous workout. Thus the muscles remain supple and preserve its flexibility. The accumulated lactic acid causes pain, after forceful exercise.

Eliminates pain

Millions of people around the world face unbearable pain in the muscle, joints and nerves. The vibration machines have programmed exercise that are helpful to develop your inner strength to enhance your posture. It also assists in evading the root cause of several muscle ailments. Strengthened bones and muscles prevent pains or aches.

Enhances skin complexion

Vibrating exercise is a valuable cleansing program that oxygenates the entire body with an enhanced blood circulation. detoxification takes place and your skin feels young, firm, smooth and healthy.


Chiropractors and physiotherapist make use of vibrating exercise machine as a therapy tool. Vibration training strengthens the muscles without straining the ligaments and joints. The key soft tissue repairing hormone called human growth hormone is stimulated with a boost in blood circulation.

Weight loss with vibration machines

Increase in metabolism along with detoxification helps to lose weight rapidly. Enhanced lympathic drainage system gets rid of the body toxins that can obstruct weight loss. Therefore, eliminating such chemicals and toxins is necessary.

Choose the best quality vibrating exercise machine

In-expensive and poor quality machines can break down easily or the vibrate angles can pressure your joints. Furthermore, if the vibration is not accurate then you will hardly benefit from it. However, VibraSlim is in the market, since 2005 and has hardly any complaint record.

This is due to the top quality materials and parts used in the machine. From electronics to motor to the steel that is used in assembling it is of superior brand but still it has a reasonable price. VibraSlim offers a cash back guarantee along with a lifespan motor warranty. Repairs can be handled easily and you can enjoy exercising for years without worry.


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