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On May 18, 2012

Vibration for Weight Loss

In the struggle for weight loss there are many methods and theories, not all of them successful. From fad diets to trendy-exercise-of-the-week to new contraptions, health enthusiasts and those looking to lose weight are always searching for quality programs that are long-lasting and actually work. And it is even better if the diet, exercise or contraption actually makes it easy and fun to lose weight. This is where VibraSlim, a vibration technology machine, comes in.

How does Vibration for Weight loss Work?

VibraSlim is an exercise machine that uses vibration for weight-loss. The idea of using vibration for weight loss has gained popularity due to the quick and obvious results that can be seen from regular use. Many doctors, therapists and health experts recommend the use of vibration for weight-loss and many celebrities, from actors to singers to athletes have begun incorporating it into their fitness routine.

Whole body vibration can work with a minimum of time investment. Spending 10 minutes on the machine about 3 times a week will yield quick and visible results. Through very rapid vibrations, the body vibrates from the feet upwards. These vibrations cause the muscles to contract at the rate of five to 30 per second. The body then responds by adjusting for these vibrations resulting in weight loss.

Additionally, using vibration leads to other benefits. These include improved flexibility, bone density and muscle strength. People who have included whole body vibration in their routines have also found that they have increased range of motion. Metabolism is also positively affected and production of the stress hormone cortisol tends to decrease. Other hormones are also affected, such as those that help to repair and strengthen cells. There is increased blood flow to muscles and bone tissue. Another benefit of using whole body vibration is that the body receives all the rewards to high impact exercises without putting additional stress on the joints and ligaments.

What is a Vibration Plate?

Based on vibration plate technology, the VibraSlim makes it easy and fun to lose weight. You might be wondering what is a vibration plate. A vibration plate is a plate that serves as the base where the person stands while the plate vibrates. When a person is correctly positioned balancing on the plate as it moves, the whole body vibrates. As the body adapts and the muscles contract to keep the balance in response to the movement, weight loss, toning and other benefits kick in.

After knowing what is a vibration plate and how it works, it is clear that this type of exercise is easy to do to quickly reap rewards and turn the body from overweight and flabby to healthy and toned. The vibration plate technology is so easy to use that almost anyone, no matter their physical condition, can actually use this system to lose weight.

Vibration Machine Review

When considering whether to acquire a vibration technology machine as part of a fitness routine, it is helpful to research and read vibration machine reviews. All the vibration machine reviews should include four things. First, there should be information on the construction of the machine, which should be constructed from steel to be able to withstand the constant wear and tear that it will receive. Second, reviews should highlight the options provided with the machine, including vibration settings and automatic programs that allow the person to control and adjust the intensity of the vibration. Third, the review should note the weight limit for the machine, since going over the weight limit will cause the plate to break. Fourth, each review should also discuss the warranty included with the purchase, which should be from a good company that provides customer service to answer any questions.

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