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On June 5, 2012

Whole Body Vibration Research Finds Fantastic Results

Whole body vibration research finds fantastic results in several areas. Most people are familiar with the applications of the findings for sprint athletes and other sports professionals. Doctors and physiotherapists have been able to utilize the research in order to help their patients achieve higher levels of fitness and better health.

The devices are used in hospitals, nursing homes, beauty salons and sports facilities. Some individuals use in it anti aging treatments or to reverse the negative effects of old injuries. One study focused on the effect on post menopausal women who had hip problems and found that the ladies improved hip density and gained better posture. Some machines are specifically produced for physical fitness and obesity applications while others are meant for therapeutic practices.

Persons who want to obtain or maintain an ideal weight have been able to do so. They experience success with a diet and exercise regimen that involves devices based on this system. It has been shown that when people cut back on calories and use these apparatus regularly, they are able to burn more calories.

Information obtained in these studies has been utilized by rehabilitation specialists. There is evidence that gym machines which are designed with this technology can reduce back pain whenever they are used with medical supervision. Older adults who are having problems with balance can improve their stability with this sort of apparatus.

Whole body vibration research also shows that it improves muscle strength. In fact, it was even used in the Indus Valley in 3300 BC to help repair injured limbs. In ancient times, a saw was covered with a soft protective fabric and made to produce vibrations that promoted healing. During the 1800s, Dr. John Kellogg also built his own apparatus to facilitate wellness in his patients.

Russian scientists experimented with the effect of mechanical vibrations on bone density. Their astronauts frequently came back from space with a loss in skeletal strength. They were rehabilitated with the aid of biomechanical machines that stimulated their bones and muscles. This improved their condition and resulted in a general improvement in wellness.

Evidence suggests that people who have been living a sedentary lifestyle can benefit greatly from applying this technique. They will regain vigor and feel more energetic as their bodies strengthen. They become physically powerful enough to take on more demanding forms of exercise.

The technique is also utilized by beauticians in many parts of the world in one form or another. They use it to help reduce cellulite and improve muscle tone. It improves circulation and reduces arthritis pain in clients who are troubled by soreness in their joints.

Whole body vibration research finds fantastic results for people with all types of conditions. Persons who suffer from chronic fatigue, have been bed bound or are recovering from certain other illnesses have all been able to improve muscle tone and overall strength because of these studies. Their skeletal structure has been able to support their body better and as a result, they stand and walk straighter and are less prone to injury.

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