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On November 9, 2012

Wholebody Vibration for Athletes

Athletes are always trying to look to get an edge over the competition to take them to the next level. The use of vibration platforms is a tool that has been recently introduced to help improve speed, strength, postural control, and explosive power in athletes. There have been quite a few studies supporting the use of whole body vibration in the athletic population.

In a study on wholebody vibration training on explosive strength and postural control in young female athletes the authors found that “a fifteen week wholebody vibration training regiment incresed explosive strength & stability in young female basketball athletes” (Fort, Daniel, Caritat & Myruam, 2012). They found that deviation away from the athlete’s center of gravity decreased significantly after a whole body vibration intervention. To a strength coach or trainer such as me this is good news for several reasons. Reason number one; this study on whole body vibration training was done on female athletes. Female athletes are plagued by knee injuries in particular ACL injuries. Confidence in single leg stance tells me that they have good postural stability and good muscle balance. It tells me that their glute complex is firing properly and that their abductors and adductors are working. Single leg stability is huge in the prevention of knee injuries. Secondly, this is important because so many activities in sport are done on one leg, for example in basketball sprinting and going up for a layup are all one leg activities. Dynamic single leg stability is crucial in the vast majority of sports.

Vibration training has shown improvements in balance and stability which are important for athletic performance and injury prevention. Vibration training has also demonstrated the ability to improve explosive strength and in athletes. In order to achieve that edge in performance and injury prevention with athletes a resistance training regimen supplemented with wholebody vibration training should be considered. Every week more reports are being published on the fitness vibration machine and I will continue to keep you updated on this fitness vibration machine research.

Fort, A., Daniel, R., Caritat, B., & Myruam, G. (2012). Effects of whole-body vibration training on explosive strength and postural control in young female athletes. The journal of strength and conditioning research, 26(4), 926.

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