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On February 5, 2013

Why you should buy the VibraSlim fitness machine

There are many people who do not like what they see in their body. This means unshapely body, obesity and unshaped muscles. However all is not lost as one can use the fitness vibration exercise machines that will help one in gaining muscles, having a good shape and reducing those extra fats.

Fitness vibration exercises

The fitness vibration exercises involve one standing in a vibrating machine that is moving. As it moves, the entire body will be shaken as a result of the high frequencies that are on the platform. As the body is shaken, body muscles are made to contract while also making them to stretch to create balance. This will happen within a short time and are also involuntary. When doing the exercises, intensity and time taken will depend on your fitness level. In order to achieve better results it is recommended that one takes the exercise at least three times per week with each session taking at least i5 minutes. It is ideal to use a good manual from manufacturers.

The machine

In order to get the best fitness vibration exercises, you need a good machine. The VibraSlim   exercise machine offers vibration exercises to clients helping them in getting into shape, loosing those extra weights and building of lean muscles.
Features that make the VibraSlim machine ideal

The VibraSlim machine comes with the following features

The VibraSlim is compact in nature. It comes with a small footprint that allows users to stand well. The standing floor measures 22 by 32 in lengths.

Easy operations
When it comes to operation modes, VibraSlim machine offers 17 different settings that allow one to choose what suits them best. In addition there are also three automatic settings that ware programmed to adjust depending on how the user wants it done. This three vibration exercise settings makes it possible for one to have the best fitness vibration results.

Different movements
The VibraSlim fitness vibration machine comes with proper actions. This can be see saw action that provide an oscillation motion. With this design one is assured of better results.

A powerful machine
Since this machine is aimed at helping users in getting better results. This machine has the capacity to handle up to 275lbs in weight. The power is measured in the plate design.

Range of frequency
The VibraSlim machine comes in different ranges starting from 1 to 30Hz. These are the best optimal frequencies for fitness and loosing weight.

For the vibration effects to be achieved, then there has to be the rotating motor. The motor comes with a warranty of 2 years and any other accessory that makes it a reliable machine for fitness vibration.

The quality
By getting VibraSlim machine, one is assured of good quality. The entire machine is made up of solid steels making it stable when in operation mode. There steel materials make it quiet when put on.

Why you should buy the VibraSlim machine
There are many reasons why you should get the machine to help you in different ways.

The fitness vibration machine is one of the most affordable in the market today. It is cheaper because there are no middle men involved that will inflate price. You will be buying directly from the manufacturer. In addition there are no advertising campaigns which are expensive carried out when promoting. Furthermore there are no retail stores that are used that can make it more expensive. The direct buying from manufacturers makes it ideal to save more when buying.

Good service
The VibraSlim machine is ideal in that it comes with various shapes. First when used, one is assured of getting into shape within a shorter time. The machine has been known to help in weight reductions. Furthermore one is in position to build a lot of muscles. The use of the vibration machine will only take about 15 minutes each day and will save one a lot of time when going to the gym and other exercises that are hard to be accomplished.

Top users
The VibraSlim machine has been known to be the best quality fitness vibration exercises with affordability because there are many celebrities from Hollywood and renowned athletes that uses VibraSlim machine.

Ideally the fitness vibration machine has been known to help one in hormone vibrations and revitalizing body cells. This also allows good circulation of blood in the body muscles. It also increases metabolic rates in the body.

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