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Best Vibration Machine & Vibration Exercise Machine from VibraSlim

VibraSlim has ten years of experience to get you to your health and fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose-weight, tone up or want better overall health our vibrating fitness program can get you there. Our high quality equipment and industry leading training videos are second to none and are used world wide by some of the most recognized names in fitness and sports.

Quality Makes VibraSlim #1 in the USA

Vibration Exercise MachineVibraSlim builds the world’s best vibration exercise machines and has been the industry leader since 2004. The Original VibraSlim has been imitated by many but replicated by none. Our continued innovation, world class engineering and controlled manufacturing processes have remained unmatched by the copycat competitors. VibraSlim invests heavily in training, research and design including working closely with our industry experts to ensure we stay on top and continue to be the most recognized name in vibrating fitness.

For decades Americans have been fighting against their own bodies trying to get trim and healthy with yo yo dieting. As a result, they end up as heavy as ever and even in many cases gaining more weight back. Countless hours of long, hard workouts end up being wasted, and weeks of undesirable dieting ineffective.

The VibraSlim exercise machine workout has changed how people get in shape and how they achieve weight-loss. Forget hour long sessions on treadmills and ellipticals 4 to 5 times a week. So few people are able to sustain this type of workout over time and, in the huge majority of cases, end up in disappointment. Our workout is done in your home 3 – 7 times a week for 10 to 15 minutes. That’s it. Whole Body Vibration Fitness is different as it not only works your muscles faster but also is able to workout muscles that are very difficult to get in shape. These are usually the little muscles that you pull when you do an unusual movement or activity.

It may only take ten minutes but the results you will see are undeniable. The faster you get started, the faster you will be on the road to a healthier, happier and more energetic lifestyle. What our customers find is that they have a lot more energy, sleep better and have a very positive outlook after using our fitness machine. These positive effects are caused by how your body reacts to the oscillating vibrating frequencies resulting in faster metabolism, higher serotonin levels and even raised HGH levels. a powerful result of increased HGH (shown to be as high as over 300%) is weight-loss and toning of your body.

Vibration machine training is an extremely effective tool that everyone should have access to especially as we get older and our body hormone levels lower, metabolism slows and our regenerative abilities decrease. Why waste money on a gym membership that will not get used? Get a VibraSlim for the whole family. This is the body vibration exercise machine workout everyone will love to do, so get started today!


Money Back Guarantee on vibration machines

Why Use Vibrating Fitness machine?

Use Vibration Exercise 10 minutes a day and tone up and get healthy fast!

Simplify your life with our fast and effective vibration machine fitness workout that you can do anytime, right in your home. No more putting off your heath and fitness plans because it is inconvenient or enjoyable. VibraSlim brings your fitness goals within reach for you and your loved ones with our proven program. Lose weight and feel great about yourself and you will have fun doing it! Our no hassle workout is used worldwide by fitness experts that work with athletes, Hollywood stars and people looking for better health and weigh-loss just like you.

Premium List of VibraSlim Features

best features in vibration exercise machines

Education and Customer Service – Our second to none customer service ensures our customers are always taken care of and happy!

Dedication to Vibration Plate Design and Quality!!

vibration exercise machineWhen buying fitness equipment you must always balance price with quality. If you buy solely based on price and you get a low quality machine, it can really cost you. The old saying “You get what you pay for” really is true when it comes to body vibration exercise machine fitness machines. If you get stuck with what seemed like a bargain, repairs on that machine may cost you hundreds or even worse the machine may be unfix-able and your investment could be wiped out. This is VERY common with Chinese made equipment. Watch out for low quality Chinese made machines constructed of cheap steel, electronics and do not even produce the vibration frequencies they claim. Do not waste your time and hard earned money on cheap low quality copies of the VibraSlim, get the original for a great price!

There are a lot of reasons we are number one starting with our lifetime motor warranty, 2 year overall warranty and our 7 day money-back guarantee. We are able to back our machines with this best in business warranty because we build your VibraSlim with only the best materials and put it through our 30 point quality control test. Every machine is calibrated to produce the specific vibrations that years of research has proven to be the most effective. Vibration exercise machines must be perfectly calibrated or they can be ineffective and even dangerous. Our investment in quality ensures you will have many years of trouble free use. Still the #1 Vibration Fitness Machine in the USA for over 6 years!

What does the Competition charge for their Vibration Fitness Machines?

power plate vibration machine

So Why Is VibraSlim so Affordable?

  • You are buying directly from the manufacturer.
  • We have no expensive advertising campaigns – we have been built on word of mouth referrals.
  • We do not have any costly retail stores – if we did our prices would be 50% higher due to overhead.

Our direct from manufacturer business model allows us to pass on huge savings to our customers and provide world class personal customer support. Our highly trained knowledgeable staff is waiting to answer your questions or assist you with any of you needs. The most trusted name in vibration exercise machine is VibraSlim.