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Vibration Machine benefits and Reviews

The Fastest Growing Sector In fitness Today

Over the past 5 years, Vibration Exercise fitness has become the most talked about and studied science in the health and fitness sector.

Whole-body vibration is now used in health clubs, sports training, rehab centers, chiropractic offices and in homes everywhere. The explosive growth has been fuelled by not only fast results but due to it being a very enjoyable and fast workout. Being used by top names in fitness and Hollywood has also exposed many to the new vibration training system through media channels such as NBC, ABC, Health Magazine, The Doctors Show, Fitness Expert Magazine and Muscle and Fitness Mag.

VibraSlim’s Triangular Oscillating Vibration enables fast and safe results making it a perfect fit for today’s busy lifestyles. Our vibrating machine gets you to a higher level of fitness and well being with increased muscle strength, better balance, improved circulation and metabolism.

In as little as 10 minutes a day, three times a week, the VibraSlim, Vibration fitness machine, will let you to achieve a new level of fitness.


vibration machine reviews

VibraSlim uses a unique “3D multi-dimensional” vibration system which independent research reports agree that it is the safest and gets the results fast.


vibration machine reviews

Vibration Fitness Machines are scientifically calibrated exercise machines designed to force your muscles to stretch and contract very rapidly but in very small increments. What this does is replicate the same action that happens during traditional exercise very rapidly, therefore speeding up the needed exercise time. In one minute you could probably do 30 squats, but with the VibraSlim you can get into the squat position and do hundreds of mini squats in the same amount of time. Our muscles naturally react by getting stronger and more flexible. As long as the muscle is being worked under force it will react in a very positive way. Vibration fitness uses your body weight and gravity to create the desired force and uses it to its fullest potential.

You can target different muscle groups for 1 to 2 minutes each and within less than 15 minutes you have done a full body workout. That is just the beginning of the health benefits you receive though. With over 1000 medical research reports published on whole body vibration the list of benefits continues to grow. Everything from improved endurance, increased bone density, reduced back/joint pain, lower blood pressure, higher HGH levels and the list goes on. Visit our Research page for valuable information.

If you are wanting to lose weight and are tired of yo yo dieting and exercise programs you can never stick to, then you will love vibration fitness. It may be hard to believe but 15 minutes on the VibraSlim is more effective than an hour long workout. A recent study found that Vibration Exercise users lost almost 4 times as much fat as those using conventional exercise and kept the weight off after stopping for 6 months. Truly impressive. Watch the presentation below now.

Changing Routines With The VibraSlim

A daily 10 minute workout that is only at lost 15 minutes is very easy to do right in your home. This convenient and quick workout is so successful in part to how easy it is to not only do, but stick to. In just a few weeks you will get noticeable changes that will really impress everybody. Don’t waste anymore money on fad diets or gym memberships that rarely get used. Your VibraSlim can be used by the whole family and your friends. A common occurrence we hear from our customers is that their friends drop by more frequently after they buy a VibraSlim and sneak in a quick workout!

VibraSlim gives you the tools to get out of your fitness rut and jump into a new and healthy routine. The key is to make it fun and no hassle. No more long drives to the gym, its right in your home. No more dreading long workouts on treadmills or ellipticals. You will look forward to your fast, effective and enjoyable vibration workout.

vibration machine reviews

Learning How To Use The Whole Body Vibration Machine

Our Positions manual and Workout DVD is so easy to follow that anyone can do it. Simply do the demonstrated positions and adjust your speed to your preferences. You can easily target specific body parts and muscle groups and intensify your workout by changing your foot positions on the vibration plate. Unlike other complicated workout systems, VibraSlim’s program is very intuitive and you will have the program mastered after only a few sessions.

Our videos are fun and easy to follow along with and most users begin building their own custom workouts within a week. Getting in shape has never been so fun and effective. It’s time to get you in shape fast with VibraSlim!

The Workout You Will Love

VibraSlim is the fitness program you can really stick to and get results. No excuses about having to go to the gym because the VibraSlim is right in your home! Hop on it anytime and get your workout done in as little as ten minutes. Our busy lifestyles make it difficult to carve out enough time to get the needed exercise our bodies need to stay healthy and in shape. Having your fitness routine at your immediate disposable really makes a huge difference and helps you stay on track. You won’t be stopped by weather, time or any other roadblock, VibraSlim gets you there. Another big difference with the VibraSlim workout is that you will really enjoy it and in fact look forward to it. We hear this time and time again from our happy customers. Once you start using the vibration program you will miss it if you stop. You can’t say that about traditional workout programs! You will feel the difference in just a few workouts and really see great changes within 4 to 6 weeks. Fast results are the most motivating driver of a fitness program and you will love it. VibraSlim really is the best vibration exercise machine, get one for yourself, you deserve it! Order online or give us a call at 1-877-888-4272.

Body Vibration Machine Reviews